Getting Your House Ready for Winter? Here are Three things to Consider!

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Preparing for the winter in Florida is different than it is for people that live in northern states. In the north, people start checking to make sure their furnace is working correctly, they check their weather stripping, check their attics for leaks, install a door sweep and more. They go into their storage spaces and pull out their heavy winter coats and snow boots and severe cold weather gear (in some areas). In Florida, residents don’t have to prepare that much, but there are a few things that they might want to do.

Shore Up the Boat

For those people that own a boat, winter boating is not nearly as fun as it is in other parts of the year. This might be a good time to find a storage facility to store the boat through the winter. While it is out of use, this is also a good time for boat repairs and painting or upholstery that needs to be done, as doing it in the winter won’t interfere with recreational time.

Store the RV

Many people choose Florida as their winter destination because of its mild winters. Those that travel there in an RV may want to find a place to store their RV for the winter as it’s unlikely it will be used during this time. Some home’s come with an RV pad, but it’s important for first time RV owners to know that regular driveways are not rated for long-term RV parking, the concrete will eventually buckle under the stress. A long-term storage facility may be a good choice in this situation.

Get Out the Fall and Winter Gear

Even though Florida doesn’t really get that cold, people who have lived in Florida a long time often find 50 degree weather to be coat weather. Before the temperature drops anymore, it’s best to get out the fall and winter clothes from wherever they are stored. This is a good time to see what fits and what doesn’t, and to see if anything needs to be altered or repaired as well.

The truth is that getting your house ready for winter in Florida isn’t as intensive as it is elsewhere. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do. Preparing things for storage, getting things out of storage and making sure everything is ready for the colder months means you’ll have more time to enjoy yourself when it gets cold.